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Don’t Do Life Alone

As a church committed to embracing all and sharing God’s love in action, we care deeply about individuals during times of crisis or difficulty. We aim to provide a supportive, non-judgmental community that makes a difference when times are trying.


There is never a need for you to face challenges alone. Our church aims to offer a community of love and guidance during trying times. We offer regular support groups that cater to our members needs.


Take the opportunity to get help through people who will approach your needs from a point of care and compassion, realizing that God, in His Word, has given us excellent principles for handling life well. If you are looking for direction and encouragement for an issue in your life, we can help! Services, other than professional counselors, are offered at no cost.

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Open Table is an organization that was started right here at PVUMC and now operates all around the world! By embracing social capital, lives are transformed and lasting relationships are created. Many mentors involved in this program have said that it is one of the most meaningful opportunities they have been be a part of during their time at PVUMC.

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Discover compassionate support and comprehensive life planning resources at PVUMC. We assist families in navigating the journey of finding suitable assisted living facilities for their loved ones. Please note that Paradise Valley United Methodist Church does not endorse or support any specific businesses or organizations, but we are here to provide guidance and assistance every step of the way

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Our Spiritual Spaces are places on campus where we pause to just be. At times the world is too much and we need a place where peace, retreat and renewal reside. We pray that our campus will offer this to you, especially on days when the world overwhelms.

  • Chapel

  • Sanctuary

  • Biblical Garden

  • Fellowship Center

  • Desert Labyrinth

  • Church Library

  • Prayer room

Connect with a Pastor

To connect with a pastor now, call 602.840.8360 and someone will respond shortly.

Prayer Requests

Share prayer concerns at We also encourage you to reach out to our Care Minister, Debbie Doran with specific questions about your needs

Assisted Living and Life Planning Information

This list has been compiled to assist families in locating assisted living facilities for their loved ones. Paradise Valley United Methodist Church does not support or endorse any of the businesses/organizations listed below. The list is provided for information only and the family must conduct their own due diligence. 

Click Here to see list of resources

National Suicide Hotline

Free support for suicidal people, or anyone in need of support

SAMHSA National Helpline

National substance abuse support organization

LGBTQIA+ Resources

PVUMC welcomes all and accepts all. If you're in need of support surrounding LGBTQIA+ issues, we are here to support you to the best of our ability. You may connect directly with a pastor by using the number above, or see more information on our inclusivity values here, along with additional resources on this page.

Coffee Shop Consultation
Big Hug
Support Group Session
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The Caring Ministry Team assists PVUMC in accomplishing its mission: God’s Love in Action. The members of the team are dedicated volunteers who have a gift of compassion, encouragement, organization and ensure that church members are cared for in a variety of ways. If you are interested in joining the Caring Ministry Team or need support, contact Debbie Doran at or by calling the church office at 602-840-8360, ext. 135.


Following are ministries that are offered:   

Prayer Chain: a prayer chain is sent out three times a week to those who have signed up to pray for others.  


Prayer Card Team: the team consists of dedicated people who write prayer cards to those listed on the prayer chains.   


Prayer Room:  the prayer room is maintained by the Caring Ministry Team and provides a serene and comforting place to pray. 


Blood Drive: at least once a year, a blood drive event is held at PVUMC. Many members of the congregation as well as people living in the surrounding communities participate. 


Birthday Card Team:  birthday calls are made to those members who are 80 years old and older. It is a way to honor their birthdays and to let them know how much they are valued. 


Grief classes:  classes are offered to assist those who have lost a loved one with their journey of grief. Along with the classes, a monthly grief newsletter is sent to also help with their journey. Members as well as non-members are welcome.  


Medical Equipment: PVUMC has a limited amount of medical equipment to loan to members who are in need of assistance. 


Divorce classes:  classes are offered to help those going through a divorce or separation. Members as well as non-members are welcome. 


Best Friends in Faith Ministry:  it is a ministry that cares for homebound members and non-members. Volunteer team members receive training and visit homebound members on a regular basis. They bring friendship and caring conversation, often discussing current church activities. The volunteers are trained to assess current spiritual and emotional needs and provide communion and engage in prayer with their friends.  


Flower Ministry:  a bouquet of flowers is purchased by a member who would like to honor a loved one or celebrate a special occasion and it is displayed on the altar during the traditional church service. If the member does not want the flowers, a team of dedicated people deliver it to someone who is homebound to brighten their day.  


Hospital and Home Visit Team: volunteers visit church members who are in the hospital, recently returned home from a hospital stay or are homebound and not in the Best Friends in Faith program. 


Wedding Coordinator: The wedding coordinator is responsible for ensuring the weddings performed at PVUMC meet the guidelines and regulations of the church and meet the expectations of the wedding party. The coordinator provides support to the bride and groom throughout the planning, rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.  


Memorial Reception Coordinator:  the coordinator is responsible for coordinating the memorial reception for family and friends and ensures the reception honors the deceased and meets the needs of the family.   

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